Facebook Adds Dislike Button

Facebook is adding a “dislike” button. Well not really, but it does appear they are stealing what used to be the best feature of Digg: the Downvote Button.

Spotted this week for the first time, Facebook might (kind of) let users ‘dislike’ content. As a likely reaction to the “fake news” drama and an effort to create ANY kind of engagement (because the Hide This Post is very hidden), the Downvote, if added, allows people to push down the content that they don’t like or want to see less of.

Good news for those that hate the algorithm, a manual user input could help filter more of the negative content out of the feed since it’s not engagement driven.

Currently available only to a small subset of US users, the feature provides options to report a comment as “offensive,” “misleading,” or “off-topic,” and then hides the associated content.

All of us have been begging for a way to have a cleaner News Feed, but so far Facebook hasn’t given in. With the social network’s goal of bringing the community closer together, this potential new downvote button is likely as close as users will ever get for now.

Business impact seems low right now – just another reminder that you should be making interesting content so you don’t get Downvote. I’d guess that you’d be able to see number of Downvotes on content coming up so brands can use that to refine content that is working vs the content that’s not.