Facebook Organic Reach Looks Even Lower This Week, But Now It's Just Accurate

Starting this week, you will notice your organic reach numbers on Facebook drop even further for Business pages, but it's not you. It's Facebook. Again. And not because the content you're producing suddenly stopped working.

In what's been a long wait since its announcement, Facebook is rolling out the redesigned Insights and implemented a big change in how it measures the organic reach your posts have.

Here's the change:

Rather than counting every time your post populates within the News Feed of a user as a person reached, Facebook will now consider only the number of times a post has visibly entered a user's screen.

Brands will be able to view their old Reach equivalents right next to the new ones within Facebook's Insights tool for the next few months.

Big deal? Yes, your organic reach numbers which are likely low will go even lower. The good news is that now they are real - and that's because they are measured by what someone will actually see (much like a Display Viewability metric) vs what they could see (e.g. Display Potential i.e. it was simply served on the page even if no one saw it). And now, the more true Reach numbers will account the same way that Paid Reach for ads is counted so they are comparable when looking at models.

The advantage here is that you have a more realistic view of how organic reach is doing against paid reach (and likely how much more paid media you need to run, especially if Reach is an important metric to you).

Do you use Reach? Does this impact your paid media and organic content program? Share your thoughts.


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