LinkedIn Shows You The Money

Like money? Good news - LinkedIn will now be able to tell you how much dough you can gain from that new role you've been scoping on the Jobs tab.

LinkedIn's Salary Insights are coming in the next couple of weeks (March?), adding estimated or expected salary ranges to open roles. The salary numbers themselves will be sourced either from the employer listing the role or estimated ranges from data submitted by members.

Salary Insights marks the big expansion of what was LinkedIn Salary, which the professional network launched in November 2016 to provide information on salaries, bonuses and equity data for specific job titles, as well as factors that impact those salaries, including experience, industry, company size, location and education level.

Just like your credit card, LinkedIn will also start asking you to update your salary for your current role on regular basis, to help fund the salary data pool (not publicly shared).

Senior product manager Keren Baruch said in a blog post introducing the new feature, “We know salary insights on job listings is important to you. In fact, a recent survey found that more than 70 percent of professionals want to hear about salary in the first message from a recruiter. By surfacing this information early on in the process, we hope to make the application process more seamless by allowing you to know if a job meets your salary criteria before entering into a conversation with the hiring manager.”

Couple of benefits from this change that I can see:

  1. To the point above, this could improve the job application process because it's a first-ask priority for job seekers - and now they can filter to find their preferred options ahead of time.

  2. Plus, this could reduce applications coming into recruiters, if the salary doesn't meet expectations for the job listing. But, I could see this going both ways: larger salaries drawing unqualified applicants who think they fit the bill because they like the cash.

One thing I know for sure, it's amazing how long this took to come out. The Ladders has had this information for a while now. But with LinkedIn's data coming in, even at the Free profile level, makes a few less reasons to be on The Ladders, and keeping people focused on LinkedIn for listing roles and seeking jobs.

What do you think? Recruiters and those sourcing talent - do you think this is helpful to your process? Job seekers - will this help you narrow down your search to the roles that better fit your salary requirements?


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Image credit: Tech Crunch