In episode 034 of the Social Currency marketing podcast, we jump on the rise of social shopping. With the introduction of Instagram Checkout and the growth of Pinterest Shoppable Pins, has the age of contextual commerce arrived?

The concept of social shopping has been around since early 2000s, but with the launch of new capabilities like Instagram Checkout and the ease of setting up Pinterest Shoppable Pins, it's easy to see the natural connection between social, influencers, and the consumers interested in what's new, cool, and next. Social shopping is interest-based: Native, natural, and now easy, because it's seamless and in context of the content you are already enjoying.

This is contextual commerce. Now that the platforms are enabling the power to access consumers in a new way, with clear attribution models and integrated e-commerce capabilities, why wouldn't you use social to sell...and shop?

How to Make an Instagram Story Poll

What’s old is definitely new. I remember back in the day making polls on MySpace pages for bands and businesses (yes, child, MySpace). And what about Hot or Not? The original Internet poll. Which Tinder is really just a mobile ripoff of that voting site concept. Or when I was at Disney and our product team developed brand polls to provide drip research methods to gather CRM data and survey our users with pop-ins — that we could sell.

No matter what — polls drive engagement. And Stories now have their first interactive element for Story consumers: Instagram Story Polls

A shiny, new interactive Instagram sticker is putting ancient Internet wisdom to the test so it allows you to poll your followers within your Instagram Story. It’s a basic, two-option poll like ‘Yes | No’ or ‘Now | Later’ or ‘Black | White’ or ‘Mike | Ike’ — fun to think of what you can mess around with.

Now you can riff on random musings as you go, “Should I just eat this entire pizza by myself or share: yes or no?” — and it’s good to know that the answers you get back will not be anonymous. As your followers vote by selecting their preference, you’ll get live results of what they think about your question and see where your friends land.

It’s easy. Here’s how to put together an Instagram Story Poll.

Swipe right to your Story view.

Swipe into your Story view and pick anything but Live for a Poll.

Pick a photo from the last 24 hours in your gallery or snap a Normal, Boomerang, Rewind, or Hands-Free.


Swipe up and find your best pick or take a live something.

Once you have your media, swipe up to get to your Sticker tray. Pick ‘Poll’ — currently located in the second row of options on the right.


Oh, that Poll? Yeah, pick that.

Make your two-option poll and also customize the answers.


Fill in your either/or poll options

Check your results over the next 24 hours to see how people vote. Swipe up from your Poll to check who voted for either option.

Check your Instagram Story Poll results real-time

Once you’ve participated in a Poll the Story will change so that you can also see what percentage of fellow followers agreed with you, i.e. no double voting. If you check back on the same Story, it will also show updated percentages on the poll over the period that Story shot is live.

Brands: pay attention! While this can be silly fun for everyone, brands can take a look at this differently — voting provides valuable feedback on options from fashion (which shirt should we put on 10% today?) to food (pick your fav plate for us to make tonight for the Special) to interior decorating (which color?). And since you can see who voted, you can do follow-ups or even do surprise and delight options for those who voted. See how you can use it for your secret plans, especially since tagging people and locations are still available to add.

So try it out: What Poll did you post?

PS. Thanks to my friends at @saintarnoldbrewing for the tasty Poll options.


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