The Marketing Podcast That Gives You Social Currency

My friend, Jess Jensen, and I launched Social Currency as co-hosts in 2018.

Social Currency is the marketing podcast covering the hottest digital and social media topics that matter for your business now. It’s a weekly podcast drives discussion on key topics in digital and social marketing and their fundamental role in building your business strategy. In about 30 minutes a week, we will arm you with talking points to both feel smarter and speak with authority at your next meeting.

Currently at 5-stars in the Apple Podcast app, Social Currency is the only podcast aimed at executives, founders, marketing management and solopreneurs looking to gain knowledge about digital marketing and social media.

Tuck and Jess expertly explain why social media marketing matters in today’s business world and how you can develop a core understanding of how it works.
— RJMktr - Apple Podcast reviewer